Services & Fees

*dog walking & dog park visits



Because our busy lives don't stop us from making sure our animals get the exercise they need to thrive. It's a well known fact that boredom (loneliness & inactivity) is the main cause of unhappy anxious and destructive/aggressive pets. We can visit while you're at work, attending to an extra busy day or heading out for a drive to the Whiteshell for the day!

*pet & house sitting

$21 per 1/2hr visit (up to three visits per day)

1 visit per day minimum for kitties

2 visit per day minimum for pups

 Let Fido & Fluffy stay in their familiar environment and reduce their stress. We offer multiple visits per day or just one if that's all you need. We also care for feathered and scaly beings. 

We offer straight up house checks if you happen to be one of those folks who choose not to be owners of four legged beings. 




$75/1hr private lesson

pricing for workshops TBA

Ten years experience of teaching yoga and her work with four legged beings meant a natural flow for Lanora to begin to offer this unique and sweet bonding experience for other yoga and animal lovers. Doga was discovered organically by Suzi Teitelman of Jacksonville Beach, FL when her dogs would naturally come to her yoga mat during her home practice. This creative and playful practice creates an unparalleled opportunity to connect with                                                                                                                    yourself & your animal. Seriously lovely!


*plus gst &

$8 for each extra pup per household

$3 for each extra cat per household

$10 premium for statutory holidays


We at Thrive Pets are here to be of service to you and your beloved animal counterparts.

Connect with us to book a consultation.


If the service you need is not represented here let us know, we're flexible!