About Us

Thrive Pets is owned and operated by local yoga instructor and pet care professional Lanora Robertson.  Having served the yoga community for the past 8 years at spaces such as Peg City Yoga, Yoga Centre Winnipeg & Blue Moon Wellness among countless freelance teaching roles she has expanded her professional services to include her four legged friends. Her experience includes a lifetime of caring for hers, family & friends' animals, a groomers apprenticeship and hands on business experience from her years as an educator at lululemon athletica & Tiber River Naturals~they seem to know what they're doing! She has been heartened by the graciousness and gratitude her clients have expressed about her services. Not only does she get to spend time with amazing animals, she also gets to know some down right amazing people. 


A sample of some unsolicited kudos from her clients:


"So glad we found you! There is a much better level of harmony in our home because of the great job that you do!"


"We were just saying how lucky we are to have you!"


"O my goodness Lanora, thank you sooooo so very much! You have NO idea how happy I am! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"


Yes...amazing clients!


Thrive Pets is also licensed, bonded, insured and pet first aid trained.